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OS/2 1.x

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
OS/2 Programming with Microsoft C Augie Hansen
Vaughn Vernon
Microsoft Press 1987 ISBN 1-55615-030-X
Essential OS/2 Functions Ray Duncan 1988 ISBN 1-55615-177-2
Inside OS/2 Gordon Letwin ISBN 1-55615-117-9 [1]
OS/2 Programmer’s Guide Ed Iaccobucci Osborne McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-881300-X [2]
Assembly Language Programming under OS/2 William H. Murray
Chris H. Pappas
ISBN 0-07-881412-X
OS/2 Programming: An Introduction Herbert Schildt ISBN 0-07-881427-8 [3]
The Programmer’s Essential OS/2 Handbook David E. Cortesi M&T Publishing ISBN 0-934375-82-8
Programmer’s Guide to OS/2 Michael J. Young Sybex ISBN 0-89588-464-X [4]
Inside OS/2: The Complete Programmer's Reference John Campbell TAB Books ISBN 0-8306-1319-6 [5]
Advanced OS/2 Programming Ray Duncan Microsoft Press 1989 ISBN 1-55615-101-2 [6]
Text file
The OS/2 Programming Environment David A. Schmitt Prentice Hall ISBN 0-13-642927-0 [7]
Software Tools for OS/2: Creating Dynamic Link Libraries Michael J. Young Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-51787-6
ABIOS for IBM PS/2 Computers and Compatibles:
The Complete Guide to ROM-Based System Software for OS/2
Phoenix Technologies ISBN 0-201-51805-8
Converting Applications to OS/2 David Moskowitz Brady ISBN 0-13-171943-2
Advanced Programmer’s Guide to OS/2 Thuyen Nguyen
Robert Moskal
ISBN 0-13-642935-1
OS/2 Power Programmer’s Guide Kris A. Jamsa McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-881424-3
OS/2 Assembly Language Steven Holzner Brady 1990 ISBN 0-13-642505-4
Programming the OS/2 Kernel J. Terry Godfrey Prentice Hall 1991 ISBN 0-13-723776-6
OS/2 Programmer’s Guide - 2nd edition Ed Iaccobucci McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-881533-9

OS/2 2.0

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
The Design of OS/2 Harvey M. Deitel
Michael S. Kogan
Addison-Wesley 1992 ISBN 0-201-54889-5 [8]
OS/2 2.0 Programming Herbert Schildt
Robert Goosey
Osborne McGraw-Hill 1993 ISBN 0-07-881910-5 [9]
Designing OS/2 Applications David E. Reich Wiley ISBN 0-471-58889-X

OS/2 2.1

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
Real-World Programming for OS/2 2.1 Derrel R. Blain
Kurt R. Delimon
William Jeffrey English
Sams 1993 ISBN 0-672-30300-0 [10]
OS/2 2.1 Corporate Programmer's Handbook Nora Scholin
Martin C. Sullivan
Robin Scragg
Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0-442-01598-4 [11]
OS/2 Extra! KBD, MOU & VIO Special Functions Revealed Len Dorfman Windcrest ISBN 0-8306-4567-5
Instant OS/2: Porting C Applications to OS/2 Len Dorfman ISBN 0-8306-4522-5
Mastering Make: A Guide to Building Programs on DOS, OS/2, and Unix Systems Clovis L. Tondo
Andrew Nathanson
Eden Yount
Prentice Hall 1994 ISBN 0-1312-1906-5
Effective Multithreading in OS/2 Len Dorfman
Marc J. Neuberger
McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-017841-0
Cross-Platform Programming for OS/2 Len Dorfman ISBN 0-07-017862-3
OS/2 2.1 Application Programmer's Guide Jody Kelly
Craig Swearingen
Dawn Bezviner
Theodore Shrader
Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0-442-01736-7 [12]
Developing C/C++ Software in the OS/2 Environment V. Mitra Gopaul ISBN 0-442-01240-3
The Ultimate OS/2 Programmer's Manual John Mueller McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-043972-9
OS/2 Programmer’s Desk Reference V. Mitra Gopaul 1995 ISBN 0-07-023748-4
Dynamic Data Exchange for OS/2 Programmers Glenn T. Puchtel Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0-442-01949-1

OS/2 2.11

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
OS/2 2.11 Unleashed David Moskowitz
David A. Kerr
Sams 1994 ISBN 0-672-30445-7 [13]
Real-World Programming for OS/2 2.11 Derrel R. Blain
Kurt R. Delimon
William Jeffrey English
ISBN 0-672-30563-1 Samples

OS/2 Warp

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
OS/2 Warp Programming for Dummies Blake Watson IDG 1995 ISBN 1-56884-337-2 [14]
Complete OS/2 Warp Programmer's Toolkit Joel Barnum ISBN 1-56884-597-9
The Art of OS/2 Warp Programming Kathleen Panov
Larry Salomon Jr.
Arthur Panov
Wiley ISBN 0-471-08633-9 [15]
Designing High-Powered OS/2 Warp Applications: The Anatomy of Multithreaded Programs David E. Reich ISBN 0-471-11586-X
The OS/2 Warp Programmer's Sidekick Glade Diviney
Keith Murray
Quarter Horse ISBN 0-9647472-8-6
OS/2 API Bible CD: The Definitive Programmer's Reference Bill Heyman Waite Group ISBN 1-878739-91-3
OS/2 Warp Control Program API Marc Stock Wiley 1995 ISBN 0-471-03887-3
The OS/2 Warp Toolkit for Software Developers Maurice J. Viscuso Prentice Hall PTR 1996 ISBN 0-13-192428-1 [16]

Device Drivers

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
Writing OS/2 Device Drivers Raymond Westwater Addison-Wesley 1989 ISBN 0-201-52234-9 [17]
Writing OS/2 2.0 Device Drivers in C Steven J. Mastrianni Van Nostrand Reinhold 1992 ISBN 0-442-01141-5
Writing OS/2 2.0 Device Drivers in C (2nd Edition) 1993 ISBN 0-442-01639-5 Samples
Writing OS/2 2.1 Device Drivers in C 1994 ISBN 0-442-01729-4 PDF
Wiley 1995 ISBN 0-471-13152-0

Presentation Manager

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
Programmer’s Guide to OS/2 Presentation Manager Michael J. Young Sybex 1989 ISBN 0-89588-569-7 [18]
Programming the OS/2 Presentation Manager Charles Petzold Microsoft Press ISBN 1-55615-170-5 [19]
OS/2 Presentation Manager Graphics: An Introduction William H. Murray
Chris H. Pappas
Osborne McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-881474-X
Programmer’s Guide to Presentation Manager Alan Southerton Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-19440-6
Advanced OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming ISBN 0-201-52325-6
Writing OS/2 Resident Utilities: For Presentation Manager Ben Ezzell ISBN 0-201-51788-4
Graphics Programming for the 8514/A Jake Richter
Bud Smith
M&T Publishing 1990 ISBN 1-55851-086-9
Object-Oriented Programming for Presentation Manager William G. Wong ISBN 1-55851-074-5
OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming Paul W. Cheatham
David E. Reich
Robert F. G. Robinson
Wiley ISBN 0-471-50897-7 [20]
Writing Scientific Programs under the OS/2 Presentation Manager James William Cooper ISBN 0-471-51928-6
Developing Presentation Manager Applications Guy Quedens
Pamela S. Beason
Scott Foresman ISBN 0-673-46143-2
OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming Primer Robert Lafore
Asael Dror
McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-881467-7 [21]
OS/2 Presentation Manager The Pocket Reference Kris A. Jamsa ISBN 0-07-881459-6
OS/2 Presentation Manager GPI – A Programming Guide to Text, Graphics, and Printing Graham C. Winn Van Nostrand Reinhold 1991 ISBN 0-442-00739-6 [22]


Learning to Program OS/2 2.0 Presentation Manager by Example Stephen A. Knight 1992 ISBN 0-442-01292-6 [23]
The COBOL Presentation Manager Programming Guide David Dill ISBN 0-442-01293-4 [24]
OS/2 2.0 Presentation Manager Programming Guide IBM Que 1993 ISBN 1-56529-155-7
OS/2 2.0 Presentation Manager Graphics Programming Guide IBM ISBN 1-56529-156-5
IBM OS/2 2.1 Presentation Manager Programming Stefano Maruzzi Bantam ISBN 0-553-37257-2
Introduction to OS/2 Programming (OS/2 awareness series) Feite Kraay
Larry Pollis
Craig Chambers
One Up Corporation ISBN 1-884988-01-6 [25]
OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming: Hints and Tips Bryan Goodyer McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-707776-8
User Interfaces in C and C++ for OS/2 Mark D. Goodwin MIS ISBN 1-55828-271-8
Advanced OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming Thomas E. Burge
Joseph Celi
Wiley ISBN 0-471-59198-X [26]
OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming Charles Petzold Ziff Davis Press 1994 ISBN 1-56276-123-4 [27]
The Cross-GUI Handbook Aaron Marcus
Nick Smilonich
Lynne Thompson
Addison-Wesley ISBN 0-201-57592-2
OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming for COBOL Programmers Robert B. Chapman QED ISBN 0-89435-439-6
Byte's OS/2 Programmer's Cookbook Kathy Ivens
Bruce Hallberg
McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-882039-1 [28]
OS/2 Presentation Manager GPI - 2nd edition Graham C. Winn Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0-442-01939-4
OS/2 C++ Class Library: Power GUI Programming with C Set++ William Law
Bob Love
Bruce Olson
Hiroshi Tsuji
1995 ISBN 0-442-01795-2 [29]
OS/2 Presentation Manager for Power Programmers Uri J. Stern
James S. Morrow
Wiley ISBN 0-471-05839-4 [30]
Programming the OS/2 Warp Version 3 GPI Stephen A. Knight
Jeffrey M. Ryan
ISBN 0-471-10718-2 [31]
OS/2 Warp Presentation Manager API Joel Barnum
Marc Stock
ISBN 0-471-03873-3 Review
OS/2 Warp Presentation Manager Mentor Michael Drapkin ISBN 0-442-01989-0
The Art of Rapid Prototyping: User Interface Design for Windows and OS/2 Scott Isensee
James Rudd
Michael Heck
Coriolis Group 1996 ISBN 1-85032-215-5

System Object Model

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
Introduction to System Object Model Boudreauz
Craig Chambers
One Up Corporation 1993 ISBN 1-884988-03-2
Objects for OS/2 Scott H. Danforth
Paul Koenen
Bruce Tate
Wiley 1994 ISBN 0-471-13126-1 [32]
Object-Oriented Programming Using SOM and DSOM Christina Lau Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0-442-01948-3
The Power of Frameworks for Windows and OS/2 Developers Taligent Addison-Wesley 1995 ISBN 0-201-48348-3 [33]
Object-Oriented Programming Using SOM and DSOM Christina Lau Wiley ISBN 0-471-13123-7 [34]
Programming with DirectToSOM C++ Jennifer Hamilton 1996 ISBN 0-471-16004-0 [35]

Workplace Shell

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
OS/2 2.1 Workplace Shell Programming Stefano Maruzzi Random House 1994 ISBN 0-679-79162-0 [36]
OS/2 Quick Reference Library: Workplace Shell Functions Nora Scholin Van Nostrand Reinhold 1995 ISBN 0442018991
OS/2 Warp Workplace Shell API Mindy Pollack Wiley 1995 ISBN 0-471-03872-5 [37]


Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
LAN Manager: A Programmer’s Guide : Version 2 Ralph Ryan
Barbara Ryan
Microsoft Press 1990 ISBN 1-55615-166-7
Client/Server Programming With OS/2 2.0 Robert Orfali
Dan Harkey
Van Nostrand Reinhold 1992 ISBN 0-442-01219-5 [38]
OS/2 and NetWare Programming Lori Gauthier 1994 ISBN 0-442-01815-0
Client/Server Programming With OS/2 2.1 Robert Orfali
Dan Harkey
1994 ISBN 0-442-01833-9
TCP/IP Programming for OS/2 Steven J. Gutz Manning 1996 ISBN 1-884777-17-1 [39]


Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
The Rexx Language – A Practical Approach to Programming (2nd ed.) Michael F. Cowlishaw Prentice Hall 1990 ISBN 0-13-780651-5 [40]
Programming in REXX Charles Daney McGraw-Hill 1992 ISBN 0-07-015305-1
The REXX Handbook Gabriel Goldberg
Philip H. Smith
ISBN 0-07-023682-8 Review
REXX – Advanced Techniques for Programmers Peter C. Kiesel ISBN 0-07-034600-3
REXX Tools and Techniques Barry K. Nirmal QED 1993 ISBN 0-89435-417-5
The OS/2 2.1 REXX Handbook Hallett German Van Nostrand Reinhold ISBN 0-442-01734-0
Writing OS/2 REXX programs Ronny Richardson McGraw-Hill 1994 ISBN 0-07-052372-X
Mastering OS/2 REXX Gabriel F. Gargiulo Wiley ISBN 0-471-51901-4 Review
Application Development using OS/2 REXX Anthony S. Rudd ISBN 0-471-60691-X Review
Teach Yourself REXX in 21 Days William F. Schindler
Esther Schindler
Sams ISBN 0-672-30529-1 Review
The REXX Cookbook Merrill Callaway Whitestone 1995 ISBN 0-9632773-4-0 Review
Writing VX-REXX Programs Ronny Richardson McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-911911-5 [41]
Object REXX for OS/2 Warp Trevor Turton
Ueli Wahli
Prentice Hall 1996 ISBN 0-13-273467-2 [42]
Object REXX by Example Gwen L. Venesky
Will Trosky
John J. Urbaniak
Aviar Inc ISBN 0-9652329-0-5
REXX Reference Summary Handbook (4th edition) Richard K. Goran CFS Nevada 1997 ISBN 0-9639854-3-4 [43]
Object-Oriented Programming with REXX Tom Ender Wiley 1997 ISBN 0-471-11844-3
Down to Earth REXX William F. Schindler Perfect Niche 2000 ISBN 0-9677590-0-5
REXX Programmer's Reference Howard Fosdick Wrox 2005 ISBN 0-7645-7996-7 [44]


Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
IBM Smalltalk Programming for Windows and OS/2 Dan Shafer Prima 1995 ISBN 1-55958-749-0 [45]
Object Oriented Application Development with VisualAge for C++ for OS/2 Peter M. Jakab
Isabelle Mauny
Prentice Hall 1996 ISBN 0-13-242447-9 [46]
VisualAge for Smalltalk and SOMobjects: Developing Distributed Object Applications Walter Fang
Raymond Chu
Markus Weyerhäuser
ISBN 0-13-570813-3 [47]
Power GUI Programming with VisualAge for C++ Hiroshi Tsuji
Bob Love
William Law
Bruce Olson
ISBN 0-471164828 [48]
VisualAge for C++: Visual Programmer's Handbook Dale R. Nilsson
Peter M. Jakab
1997 ISBN 0-13-614322-9 [49]


Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
Essential OpenDoc: Cross-platform Development for OS/2, Macintosh and Windows Programmers Jesse Feiler
Anthony Meadow
Addison Wesley 1996 ISBN 0-201-47958-3
IBM’s Official Guide to OpenDoc Programming for OS/2: Designing Parts for OS/2, Windows and Mac Richard Redpath
Kirk R. Searls
IDG Books ISBN 1-56884-598-7
Byte's Guide to OpenDoc Andrew MacBride
Joshua Susser
McGraw-Hill ISBN 0-07-882118-5


Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN
The Best Book of OS/2 Database Manager Howard Fosdick Hayden 1989 ISBN 0-672-48436-6
Creating Applications with the IBM OS/2 Extended Edition Database Manager David C. Baker
William L. Banning
William W. Myre
Addison-Wesley 1989 ISBN 0-201-15302-5

Games / Multimedia

Title Authors Publisher Year ISBN Links
Developing Multimedia Applications Under OS/2 William Lawton
Bradley Noe
Marcelo Lopez
Wiley 1995 ISBN 0-471-13168-7 [50]
Windows and OS/2 Bitmapped Graphics Steve Rimmer McGraw-Hill 1996 ISBN 0-07-911903-4 [51]
High Performance Graphics With OS/2 Kelvin R. Lawrence
John Webb
Wiley ISBN 0-471-14893-8
Developing Games for OS/2 Warp Timothy D. Weaver
Jim Riblett
ISBN 0-471-14684-6