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Larry Salomon, Jr. was an OS/2 applications developer from version 1.1 in 1989 until OS/2 Warp in 1997. He wrote numerous applications, including the Scramble applet that was included in OS/2 versions 2.0-2.11, and the I-Brow, Magnify, and Screen Capture trio that was distributed on numerous CD-ROMs.

Larry is also the coauthor of the successful book, The Art of OS/2 Warp Programming (John Wiley & Sons) and was the publisher and editor-in-chief of EDM/2 from issue 1-04 to 4-07.


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Republish permission


Never in a million years would I have imagined that EDM/2 would have survived this long. I am proud to have been associated with this publication for the time that I worked on it, and am prouder still to see that it not only has survived but evolved even!

Yes, I still periodically check here, though infrequently at best. It's good to know that the EDM/2 community is still alive and kicking. I will continue to stop by every so often. Keep up the good work!

-Larry Salomon Jr. Former EDM/2 Publisher and Editor-in-Chief

Hello, Larry!

Glad to see you! How about republish your articles under new license? ;)

Yuri Prokushev


I meant to email someone about this, but my personal life has been..well..hectic to say the least. Until I email Adrian Gschwend (assuming his address is somewhere here or on the NetLabs page) with a definite confirmation (tonight, hopefully), EDM/2 may proceed with republishing as if permission is granted.

Is the new license the "Creative Commons" one? ( )

Articles republishing

Yes. License is CCL. Many author already confirmed permission to republish articles, but some author can't be reached (old email). Actually, confirmation can be sent to any person who willl republish articles. Like I done for republished articles (permission placed on author info page).

Yuri Prokushev

License to Republish

Consider this a definition confirmation then that any content of mine originally published in EDM/2 may be republished under the terms of the CCL. Someone should save this grant of permission for posterity. :)