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Dick Goran (1942~1999)
Publicity photo used for the "Entertainment Talk" radio show

Richard K. "Dick" Goran (1942-09-29 ~ 1999-06-16) was a prolific REXX developer and advocate for the OS/2 platform. After he passed away in June 1999, Chip Davis, the then president of the REXX Language Association posted an obituary.

Between his OS/2 contributions we have:

  • Author of CFSPoker, an OS/2 program that replicates the look and feel of the video poker games which are so popular in Las Vegas and worldwide.
  • CFSPoker is unique in the way it is distributed. The game is comes with 1,000 credits and need not be registered so long as you maintain a positive credit balance while you are playing video poker.
  • Author of MKWINOS/2, an OS/2 program to merge your Windows Program Manager and its contents to the Program Manager Desktop Equivalent on your OS/2 Version 2.1 or Warp system.
  • Author of the REXX Reference Summary Handbook
  • Former contributing editor at the defunct OS/2 Magazine and the author of the monthly REXX Column.
  • Former contributing editor at Personal Systems Magazine until it ceased publishing.
  • One of the IBM designated OS/2 Advisors on Compuserve.
  • Contributing writer to OS/2 Warp Unleashed.
  • 1996 & 1997 President of the Las Vegas OS/2 User Group.
  • Guest speaker at OS/2 corporate and user group functions.

He was also a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA). He appeared in two movies:

  • To Be The Best - a kick boxing movie in which he played one of the sportscasters.
  • Indecent Proposal - He played the part of John Gage's (Robert Redford) Chief of Security. Unfortunately, most of the scene He was in wound up on the cutting room floor.

He was also interested on on-air and non-broadcast audio/video projects and he hosted his own radio talk show called "Entertainment Talk" where he used the tag The voice of Las Vegas. He was involved in audio broadcasting since 1956.

Prior to founding CFS in Nevada, he had in the 1970's run a company by the same name from his home town Brookline in Massachusetts, that sold a screen access software for IBM mainframe computers running DOS or DOS/VS called DUCS or "DUC-VI" and later a documentation factility called DOCS. (Screen access software is a sort of predecessor to screen painters or UI libraries that provided uniform software interface for people with different screen terminals). About a decade earlier Mr Goran had been active as a coin dealer in Brookline and his practical interest in computers appears to have started from there as he used teletypes to get up to date market info and to interact with other dealers. He was working for IBM by 1969.

Repubishing Permission

Since Dick Goran passed away on 1999, we got permission from this wife Myrna and his daughter to republish the content under the Creative Commons license.


The REXX Column


Software Developed

  • CFSPoker
  • CFSFind
  • WebMaven
  • REXX Files