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USA based former computer journalist and OS/2 user that wrote for a number of computer magazines in addition to writing a large number of computer related books. Had the nickname "Dr. Batch File" due to the volume books and article he wrote on Batch file technology and topics, but in the 1990's on he also authored a few REXX and Java books in addition to a couple of application books.


Batch files
This appears to be an "OS/2ified" version of the DOS title "Batch Files To Go: A Programmer’s Library".
Appears to be an updated version of the above book, even though it is not noted as such on the cover
Discusses building Batch files with Builder/Builder Lite, a shareware batch file compiler
More of a listing and explanation of about 120 utilitarian batch files than a tutorial per se.
  • Professional's Guide to Robust Spreadsheets: With Examples in Lotus 1-2-3 and Microsoft Excel - Prentice Hall 1996, ISBN 0-13-262320-X
  • Business Applications of Multiple Regression - Business Expert Press 2011, ISBN 9781606492314