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Welcome to the EDM/2 site!
The source for OS/2 and eComStation developers.

Article Categories

  • PM - Presentation Manager internals, extensions, etc.
  • SOM - SOM, DSOM, WPS, OpenDoc
  • Driver - Device Drivers, IFS
  • Scripting - REXX, DLLs for use with REXX and other scripting stuff
  • Multimedia - Media players, IO Procedures, Graphics stuff
  • Networking - Networking Programming articles.
  • Languages - OS/2 and eCS related articles for programming languages
  • Porting - porting applications from Unix/X11/Windows...
  • Database - OS/2-eCS Database programming articles.
  • Games - games development and porting...
  • Localization - How to optimize for NLS and use location specific information
  • Tools Articles - development tools related articles.
  • Miscellaneous Articles - General subject articles, including non-development related topics.

Documentation Projects

Development Stuff

  • Tools - development tools and utilities...
  • Languages - List of OS/2-eCS development tools and libraries sorted by language
  • Documentation - a collection of other resources like online books, articles etc...
  • Text editors - Programmers editors, generic & hex editors
  • Links - Links to other web sites on OS/2 programming
  • Licenses - Collection of the most used software licenses.

General Stuff

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