Object REXX by Example

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The book features:

  • 130 Program examples with almost 6,000 lines of code!
  • Real-world as well as "concept" examples.
  • Examples of EVERY built-in class and EVERY method!
  • Beginner to Advanced topics.
  • Output and line-by-line descriptions to help you understand Object Oriented Programming!
  • REXXLIB® examples.


Samples Errata

Two important notes about the book:

1) On page four(4) we make an important note about wpsinst.cmd. YOU MUST RUN WPSINST.CMD before our examples will work.

WPSINST.CMD is included with Object REXX and it installs required Workplace Shell definitions. You need run this program ONLY ONCE for each installation of Object REXX.

If you are having problems this may be the first place to look.

2) On line 0065 of Stream01.CMD (page 222) we use the term VALUE instead of ITEM. Versions of Object REXX from DEVCON 9 SE and before require VALUE. Items from DEVCON 10 and after should use ITEM.

eg; for DEVCON 9 SE and before use:


eg; for DEVCON 10 and after use: