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Kelvin R. Lawrence was the Lead Programmer for the development of the OS/2 2.1 Presentation Manager and lead architect for OS/2 Presentation Services (graphics and window management) at the IBM Programming Center in Austin, Texas.

He has been instrumental in the development of OS/2's graphics subsystem, as a member of the original IBM team that worked on the definition of the OS/2 Presentation Manager in 1986 through leading the team which redesigned the entire OS/2 graphics subsystem and ported it to the 32-bit memory model. He was one of the technical leaders of the team that designed and developed the port of OS/2 to multiple hardware platforms (CISC and RISC) utilizing IBM's Microkernel technology. Kelvin has filed numerous United States Patents related to computer operating systems. He has published several articles and papers on OS/2 graphics programming and has been a contributor to several books related to OS/2. In addition to his graphics activities, he is also heavily involved in the investigation of potential new technologies to exploit in the OS/2 Operating System. Kelvin has an Honours Degree in Computer Science from Brighton Polytechnic in England.


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  • OS/2 Graphics Programming (ColoradOS/2 - 1996)
    • Part I - The Building Blocks
    • Part II - Advanced Topics
    • Part III - Working with Bitmaps