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Microsoft Systems Journal
  • A Complete Guide to Writing Your First OS/2 Program - May 1987 (Vol.2 No.2)
  • Utilizing OS/2 Multithread Techniques in Presentation Manager Applications - Mar 1988 (Vol.3 No.2)
  • The Graphics Programming Interface: A Guide to OS/2 Presentation Spaces - May 1988 (Vol.3 No.3)
  • OS/2 Graphics Programming Interface: An Introduction to Coordinate Spaces - Jul 1988 (Vol.3 No.4)
  • Techniques for Debugging Multithread OS/2 Programs with CodeView® 2.0 - Sep 1988 (Vol.3 No.5)
  • Exploring Vector Fonts with the OS/2 Graphics Programming Interface - Mar 1989 (Vol.4 No.2)
  • Checkers Part I: Design Goals for Building a Complete Graphical Application - Nov 1989 (Vol.4 No.6)
  • Checkers Part II: Drawing the Checkerboard and Pieces Using GPI - Jan 1990 (Vol.5 No.1)
  • Checkers for Presentation Manager Part III: Moving the Pieces - Mar 1990 (Vol.5 No.2)
  • Checkers for PM Part IV: Adding the Game-Playing Strategy - Sep 1990 (Vol.5 No.5)
PC Magazine
PC Magazine (Environments)


Please notice that the programming exercises source code from his OS/2 books are available on his website