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New Management

In September 1999 the last issue (Volume 7 Number 5) of EDM/2 was released to the public, since then no new articles about OS/2 programming appeared on EDM/2.

For sure we had to face the facts too, the OS/2 developer community shrank quite a lot so monthly issues are simply impossible nowadays. It would just be a lot of work for the editor and we seriously doubt that we would find enough articles for an issue. If we wait each time to fill a new issue we would not release written articles to the public for a too long time so we decided to go another way that popped up: Wiki

This basically means that everyone of you out there can contribute to the new EDM/2 without a lot of interaction of other people and even better, the community can extend the articles and fix problems!

So far, enjoy the new stuff and don't forget to contribute!


Steve Luzynski was the editor and creator of this magazine, he started it back in 1993, long before the Internet got famous. The first articles were written in the IPF language and INF files were created for distribution. Steve didn't stay at the helm for very long. Larry Salomon took over for a considerable time until passing the mantle to Carsten Whimster.

The last issue in the original context of EDM/2 was written in September 1999 while Carsten was still the editor. Afterwards nothing happened for a long time until Timur Tabi and Adrian Gschwend started to migrate the domain and the content to netlabs.org. Before that the page was hosted by BMT Micro.

In November 2004 EDM/2 finally came back online in a wiki format with lots of new stuff!


Questions, comments and other stuff should be posted to the Mailinglist. If you think you have to address myself you can send an email to ktk@netlabs.org, however just do that if it is really necessary and can't be handled by the mailinglist.