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A multi-platform C user interface library that acted both as a screen painter with windowing capabilities for text based user interfaces and as a platform independent UI abstraction library. Somewhat oddly the program had originally been released in 1987 and sold primarily as a "screen painter" for DOS or a tool for creating windowed user interfaces with, but re-launched in 1989 still retaing its 1.0 version number, but in a version for both DOS and OS/2 which emphasised the portability of the code, not only between those two operating system but also with upcoming versions for SCO UNIX, Xenix and VMS.

The latter three versions were released in 1990 but the VMS version was dropped shortly thereafter. In 1991 the company released Data Windows/386 that could be used with 386 based DOS extenders.

License and availability

  • Discontinued commercial software, originally sold with a recommended retail price for the OS/2 and DOS versions at US$ 395 with source and US$ 225 without source, Data Windows/386 had an RRP of USD 799. Price for the UNIX/Xenix and VMS versions is unknown.