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DOS is also a subsystem of OS/2, running in cohabitation with version 1.x of OS/2 and as a task in version 2 and later. Furthermore DOS is also used as a collective name for a variety of operating systems that offer compatibility with the PC DOS system to varying degrees.


This lists major DOS operating system products by several companies.

Digital Research (DRI) branch
  • DR DOS
  • Novell DOS
  • Caldera OpenDOS
  • Caldera DR-DOS
  • Lineo DR-DOS
  • DeviceLogics DR-DOS 8.1
Lifeboat Associates
  • SB-86 - Software Bus-86
Microsoft (MS)
Seattle Computer Products (SCP)
  • 86-DOS
XDOS Family
  • XDOS (1988)
  • NSSDOS (1989)
  • DOS/NT
  • DOSC-C/Free-DOS/FreeDOS (1994)

Operating Systems with DOS Support

As above, only major or notable versions included.

  • IBM OS/2 Standard Edition 1.0, Extended Edition 1.0
  • IBM OS/2 Standard Edition 1.1, Extended Edition 1.1
  • IBM OS/2 Standard Edition 1.2, Extended Edition 1.2
  • IBM OS/2 Standard Edition 1.2, Extended Edition 1.3
  • Microsoft Windows 95
  • Microsoft Windows 98
  • Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
  • Microsoft Windows ME
  • PDOS

DOS Shells

Software that runs on top of DOS and takes over the operation of the machine to varying degrees.


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