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An operating system created by Microsoft in 1980 and marketed to the public from 1982. It was based on code licensed from AT&T and was basically a subset of Release 7 of the UNIX system, adapted to fit smaller computer systems. The system remained Microsoft's main development and internal use system until Windows NT was released in the early 90s, but the company had stopped selling the system in 1989 and sold the rights to the code, trademarks and distribution license for Xenix to the Santa Cruz Operation (SCO).

The system initially worked on 68000 processors, with support for the NatSemi 32000 line arriving a little bit later, the system was ported to the Intel 386 architecture in the latter half of the 80s.

Development Environments

SCO XENIX Development System is an advanced C-language development environment that helps to create applications for SCO XENIX, as well as MS-DOS and OS/2 on the same platform. It provides a complete environment that includes the Microsoft C Compiler and the Microsoft CodeView debugger with additional development tools and documentation.

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