November 1997
Volume 5 Issue 11

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OpenGL and OS/2
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A Programmer's Editor Shootout - SmallEd 1.45
As a benchline for the shareware editors, Andy reviews the simple, yet nicely done SmallEd 1.45.

A Brief Summary of Visual Prolog 4.2 for OS/2
Claus brings some AI news for the OS/2 developer, and a quick description of the latest Visual Prolog environment.

Software Conversion, Translation, and Migration
Jules introduces Symbtech's tool for automating the construction of application generators.

Intel Developer's Forum
Dennis visits Intel's forum and comes back with impressions and interpretations of the event.

Multilingual Resources
Multilingual Stefan takes a look at what is needed to make an internationally enabled program work.

Programming the OS/2 File Dialog in C++
C programmers have had this great dialog for opening and saving files, but with C++ programming, you can make things even easier. Stephane instructs.

Work Place Shell Programming - Part 2/4
Going from stub to real code and adding a settings page are the two topics Chris delves into this month.

Building a CD Player - Part 3/4
In this third part of Stephane's series, we learn how to control the operations of the CD player, as well as some extra options.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 4
Björn covers one of the more conceptually challenging areas of C++, the template.
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