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A Brief Summary of Visual Prolog 4.2 for OS/2

AI news for the OS/2 developers

Written by Claus Witfelt


  [Here is a link to a zip file with 5 screen shots of Visual Prolog. Ed.]

Visual Prolog is probably the world's best implementation of the Prolog-language. That mixed with a powerful GUI-builder gives a very nice environment for OS/2 developers. Prolog is the number one language for AI, Expert Systems, etc, and Visual Prolog is very well suited for developing commercial AI-application. However many use this tool for developing ordinary applications, outside the AI-sphere.

The Visual Prolog development is one of the most portable ones. Windows 95/NT, 3.1, SCO UNIX, Linux and of course OS/2 are all supported, and you can actually switch quite freely between them. No other programming tool exists that gives such a wide portability as Visual Prolog.

Visual Prolog 4.2 now runs under and fully supports OS/2 Presentation Manager. New conversion utility can be found in the BIN directory for each platform. It helps in the conversion Win16 (32) Projects to OS/2 and back again. Conversions of the .VPR and .HAM files to the text representation and back also supported by this utility.

Visual Prolog is supplied with lots of tools and support for databases (ODBC, SQL and DB2). It is well interfaced with others languages. You can define objects in Visual Prolog, which can be used by C++ or other Object Oriented languages. Visual Prolog also supports Internet development, which makes it an ideal tool for mixing Expert Systems and Java on the web.

Leo Jensen, managing director, PDC: "We are quite satisfied with the PM-version of Visual Prolog. It has been a hard job to get the PM-version finished in time, but we are very happy, that we can offer this brilliant product to the OS/2 developers. The first versions we have send out, has already been used for practical Expert Systems development. All the OS/2 Beta Testers have been very pleased with the compiler performance."

Phone +45 36 72 10 22

Later this autumn a free, time-locked complete version will be available for download from this site.

Claus Witfelt, Product manager.