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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



Get your news-binaries

Modular Dreams has released a tool for fetching binaries from USENET. Their Binary News Blitter is a PM program that lets you get all those pictures from various newsgroups. It can handle multi-part images and can avoid getting cross-posted images more than once. A free demo is available.

An alternative to Blitter is Binary Newsreader (BNR) by Ralf Christen that now is updated to version 1.29. BNR is a PM application as well. A difference to Blitter is that you can post articles with BNR. More information here.

If you want to read ordinary news as well, Beta 4 of ProNews/2 has been released by Panacea. New features are, among other, spell checking via SpellGuard and support for an external editor.

More Internet applications

Internet Adventurer version 1.20 is now released. Many things have been added and improved in this new version. Internet Adventurer is a program with support for all major Internet activities: WWW, IRC, USENET, mail, Java, FTP, and telnet.

Innoval has released new versions of two of their major Internet applications. Post Road Mailer is now updated to version 3.0 and NetExtra has reached 2.0.

Updated text editor

Text editor Kon by Björn Andersson has been updated to version 1.10. The search functions had been improved, including regular expressions and multiple files search and replace.

Driver updates

IBM has released a new version of the CDFS.IFS CDROM driver with support for the Microsoft Joliet file system. Information and the updated driver can be found here.

There is also a new version of the real-time MIDI driver available, get it here.

TCP/IP 4.1 for Warp Server

TCP/IP 4.1 for Warp Server has been released by IBM. Dynamic IP client functionality to Windows clients and a general performance increase are new features. To get the new version visit IBM's Software Choice.


IPAD is an interactive vector drawing package, which right now is available in an evaluation version. Well it is not really a drawing package, but right now that is all it is. Find out more here.

Lotus Domino Go secure web server

You can get a 30-day free fully functional copy of Lotus Domino Go 4.6 for OS/2. Domino Go is a secure web server supporting SSL V3. Get it here.

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