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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  So, back again from vacation. Before I left I had to install NT for a course I am taking (Matlab), and guess what? It took the liberty of blowing away my OS/2 partition, so I had to reinstall the O/S. Unfortunately, I had a lot of articles not yet published sitting in a directory on that drive, so now I have to re-create all that from my mail archives. Please excuse me if I miss one or two this month. I will do my best to find them all, but I have 42 MB of mail in my archives, so I might miss some...
Timur Tabi is getting ready to run a course on writing OS/2 device drivers in C. It has some fairly hefty requirements from a development system, but if you are interested in writing device drivers, you probably already know this. Take a walk over to our Online Courses and check it out. It should get going fairly soon. Make sure you tell all your friends about it! OS/2 needs more device drivers!
You will notice that I have removed the short article descriptions on the cover page of the issue. They were a pain to write, and often they said very little. Let me know if this is the wrong thing to do, in your opinion.
Many thanks to Paul Czarny and Kjetil K., we now have 0106 and 0107 converted to HTML and on the site. These issues contain Installable File Systems Part 3 among other things. Some snippets made it onto the snippets page from these issues.
A minor correction was added to the index of 0508, so if you are really picky, download time.

Shai explores the class file and the Java VM in this month's Grinding Java.
Off the Beaten Track jokes about something we all know is true, but something that unfortunately most PC owners do not.
OpenGL is here with Perry, and lighting the 3D world is the topic.
Finally, Oscar reports as usual on this month's news.

Andy Pitonyak takes over where I left off, and moves the programmer's editor series forward. This month he covers SmallEd 1.45 as a baseline editor for the series of shareware editors about to be covered.
We have a pair of informative commercial articles, reviewing Visual Prolog for OS/2 and SymbTech's Apprentice Technology, respectively.
Dennis Sposato, the memorable private eye, visits the Intel Developer's Forum for EDM/2.
Stefan Ruck is back, this time to write about multilingual resources.
Stephane Bessette writes twice in this issue, covering OS/2's file dialog here.
Chris Palchak continues on in the in-depth new series on Work Place Shell Programming, episode 2 this month.
Stephane revisits us with the CD player series. This month we continue what was already begun and just code on.
Finally, Björn restarts the C++ series, after a well deserved-holiday, and after starting the C Online course.

The first new snippet in a long time is on the site: a method of using a dialog as the main window of a small app.
Here is the long-promised congratulations to the team of INF converters. Starting with Antonino, the team has put in an incredible effort, and everything is done now, going backwards to 1-01. Here is a complete list:

Antonino Iannella -
Ivan Skytte Jørgensen -
Kerry Dukie -

Honorable mention for Zia Partovi ( who has withdrawn due to work commitments.

Conversion record:

  5-08   Ivan   Done!
  5-07   AI     Done!
  5-06   Ivan   Done!
  5-05   Ivan   Done!
  5-04   AI     Done!
  5-03   Kerry  Done! (and finally on the site)
  5-02   Kerry  Done!
  5-01   AI     Done!
  4-11   Ivan   Done!
  4-10   Ivan   Done!
  4-09   AI     Done!
  4-08   AI     Done!

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