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EDM/2 is proud to be able to offer online courses. EDM/2's online courses have many advantages over other ways of learning:

  • EDM/2's courses are very affordable
  • There is lots of feedback available
  • The courses strike a great balance between structure and freedom
  • No specific hours are required
  • An instructor helps you personally through the hard parts
  • Exercises will be set and discussed
  • Peers are always ready to help you out

The EDM/2 online courses are intended to provide an affordable and supportive environment in which to learn about the various aspects of programming, both in general and specifically for OS/2. The complete list of possible courses is given below, although some may not be available yet, in which case the link will be non-functional.

Course Format

Each course runs for roughly two months, during which time the instructor will set the reading pace and assign problems, either from a book, or personally. Due to holidays and other commitments, there may be a break in the course from time to time. During such a break, the mailing list will continue to run for your benefit, but the instructor will be unavailable. The two month duration, however, is counted only when the instructor *is* available.

The courses run as mailing lists, and each course has one instructor monitoring the messages, answering any questions that students might have. The instructor will assign reading roughly once a week, and will assign exercises at the end of each week. Normally, it is intended that students answer each other's messages as much as possible, either through discussion, or by pointing out where the answer can be found. This reduces the load on the single instructor, and it is a great way for students to learn by becoming more involved. There is no better way to learn that to teach others what you know! Try it! When no one knows the answer, the instructor will jump in and help out.

Course Materials

Each course may have one or more required books, and some additional recommendations for interested students. It is suggested that you start with the required books, and add more later as the need arises, to keep down costs for you. Some of the books can be ordered by following the links on the course pages to Amazon Books, with whom we are partners.


The fee is $25-40 US per course, and you purchase the required book(s) yourself. Due to the format of the course and the low cost, we will not be able to provide any refunds, so please do not register until you are sure you are able to go ahead. We will do our part and make sure that each course is satisfactory to you. At the end of each course, there will be a survey that you can fill out to provide us with feedback. We will treat the answers anonymously (although of course we will have your address), and adjust the courses to be as good as possible.

Courses offered and planned:

If you are interested in attending a course, please send email to editor@edm2.com with "course" in the subject. Once we have enough interested people and can find an instructor, we will get the course going. Generally this means 15-20 people and more.

General Topics:

  • Rudimentary structured programming
  • Introductory C
  • Intermediate C
  • Advanced C
  • Introductory C++
  • Intermediate C++
  • Advanced C++
  • Introductory Java
  • Intermediate Java
  • Advanced Java
  • Java AWT Programming
OS/2 Specific
  • OS/2 Control Program
  • Introductory Presentation Manager
  • Advanced Presentation Manager
  • GPI Programming
  • WPS Programming
  • Visual Age Programming
  • OS/2 Device Driver Programming
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