The Config.sys Documentation Project

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The Config.sys Documentation Project
  1. BASEDEV Statements
  2. CALL Statements
  3. DEVICE Statements
  4. IFS Statements
  5. OS/2 Commands
  6. DOS Commands
  7. RUN Statements
  8. SET Statements
  9. PSD Statements
  10. Other Information


  1. Programs
  2. Hardware
  3. List of Statements

The CONFIG.SYS Documentation Project is based on the original work by Oliver Poggensee. This project had been complemented with the "ConfigTool 1.3.0 database" which is an effort from Goran Ivankovic, Klaus Staedtler and several sources from the OS/2 community.

This project tries to document the CONFIG.SYS statements and parameters that can be used on OS/2. It covers also CONFIG.SYS statements and parameters of third parties applications.

The CONFIG.SYS Documentation Project is now on Wiki format on the EDM/2 website and the OS/2 community is welcome to enhance using the wiki and site rules.

The CONFIG.SYS Documentation Project is listed in the following structure:



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