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Integrated open-source IDE package written in and executed from the Java environment. Although very Java oriented it can operate as a front-end for just about any development tool and as is comes with a strong support for C++/C, HTML, PYTHON, PHP, Maven and a few others, more can be downloaded as plug-ins.

Unlike some of the other big Java based IDE's, like for instance Eclipse, Netbeans does not rely on anything but the API's and libraries that are supplied with the Java runtime/SDK to run, for that reason it is usually easier to get running on operating systems with fringe Java support like eComStation.


  • Latest Java 6 compatible version: NetBeans 7.3.1 (Needs a full Java 6 SDK download and a bit of massaging to get working)
  • Latest version with OS/2 specific support: NetBeans 5.5.1 (Requires Java 5/6)
  • Last version that runs with Golden Code Java or Innotek JDK: NetBeans 5
  • Latest version: 8.0.1


Language support

  • English - Built in.
  • Brazilian Portuguese - Built in.
  • Japanese - Built in.
  • Russian - Built in.
  • Simplified Chinese - Built in.


Open source - Originally licensed under the CDDL and large parts of it are still under than license, small portions use the GNU GPL v2 License with the Classpath exception, most new work is expected to be released under the LGPL v2.1. Sundry third party tools shipped with the package use licenses such as Apache Software License v1.1 and Apache Software License v2, the MIT License or variations of it like but also the AWS License.

Because of the multitudes of other licenses used in the package it is not possible to package the Netbeans tool with code that uses the GNU GPL v3 License as it claims ownership of other code it is shipped with which in turn breaches the conditions of some of the other licenses. You can in other words for instance release a plug-in for Netbeans under the GPL v3 and distribute it separately, but it cannot be distributed with the original Netbeans package.


  • Sun Inc. (Original developer)
  • Oracle