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A LISP interpreter for DOS marketed by the Microsoft Corporation in the 1980's, it is actually a licensed version of muLISP that omits the compiler but is otherwise mostly identical. In addition to the interpreter the system comes with and editor, a symbolic debugger, a collection of libraries, a tutorial and example programs. Prior to the release of "Microsoft LISP", Microsoft had been the exclusive distributor of muLISP.


  • Microsoft LISP v4.11
Last update in the 4.x branch. There is no Microsoft version of 5.0, that was a muLISP only release.
  • Microsoft LISP v5.10 (1986-01-06)
Twice a many primitives as v4.11 and heaps as big as 512k. First release with Common Lisp compatibility (not full).
  • PC or MS DOS 2.0 or higher
  • 128k of memory
  • muLISP Compiler v4.11
  • muLISP Compiler v5.10
Normally only sold as a part of the muLISP package, but offered as an add on to Microsoft LISP owners for USD 149 in 1986 by Soft Warehouse.
  • muMATH - Symbolic mathematics package
Sold by Microsoft as a standalone package or as an add-on to Microsoft LISP.
  • muSIMP - Algol like language
An Algol like programming language that ran on top of Microsoft LISP.

Licence and availability

Discontinued commercial software, retail price when new USD 250.

Developer & publisher