IBM OS/2 Warp Development Manuals

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Reprint Courtesy of International Business Machines Corporation, © International Business Machines Corporation

IBM OS/2 Warp Toolkit

Title Author Year Links
Control Program Programming Guide and Reference IBM 1996 CP1.INF CP2.INF CP3.INF
GPI Guide and Reference GPI1.INF GPI2.INF GPI3.INF GPI4.INF
Presentation Manager Programming Guide and Reference PM1.INF PM2.INF, PM3.INF, PM4.INF, PM5.INF
System Object Model Programming Guide SOMGUIDE.INF
System Object Model Programming Reference SOMREF.INF
Workplace Shell Programming Reference WPS1.INF WPS2.INF WPS3.INF
Workplace Shell Programming Guide WPSGUIDE.INF
IBM OS/2 16/32-bit Linear eXecutable Module Format (LX) Specification
Programming Guide and Reference Addendum 1999 ADDENDUM.INF
ALP Programming Guide and Reference 1996 ALPREF.INF
SystemView Agent DMI Programmer's Guide DNAL1MST.INF
SystemView Agent DPI Programmer's Guide DPIL1MST.INF
Multimedia Application Programming Guide MMAPG.INF
Multimedia Programming Reference MMREF1.INF, MMREF2.INF,MMREF3.INF
Multimedia Subsystem Programming Guide MMSSPG.INF
Enhanced Program Maintenance Utility (NMAKE32) NMAKE32.INF
OpenGL Programming Reference OGLBASE.INF
IBM OS/2 16/32-bit Object Module Format (OMF) Specification (Revision 11) 2001 OMFREF.HTM
Open32 Programming Guide and Reference 1996 OPEN32.INF
Problem Determination Programmer's Guide PDGUIDE.INF
Bidirectional Language Programming Guide PMBDTECH.INF
Legacy Resource Compiler Guide and Reference RC16.INF
Object REXX Programming Guide REXXPG.INF
RXSTRING Library of Functions RXSTRING.TXT
OS/2 Server Family Programming Reference SRVFPQR.INF
TCP/IP Version 4.21 Programming Reference (Fourth Edition) 1999 TCPPR.INF
Tools Reference 1996 TOOLSREF.INF
Unicode Programming Reference (Second Edition) 1997 UNIAPI.HTM
Using Your Toolkit 1996 USETLKT.INF
IBM C Library Reference XPG4REF.INF
IPF Programming Guide and Reference IPFREF.INF
Windows Sockets Version 1.1 Martin Hall
Mark Towfiq
Geoff Arnold
David Treadwell
Henry Sanders


Title Author Year Document No. Links
The OS/2 Debugging Handbook (First Edition) IBM 1996 SG24-4640-00 INF, PDF, Web
Kernel Debugger Reference KDEBUG.INF INF, PDF


Title Author Year Document Ref. Links
OpenDoc Programming Guide IBM 1996 ODPGGDE1.INF, ODPGGDE2.INF INF 1, INF 2, PDF 1,PDF 2
OpenDoc Programming Reference ODPGREF1.INF, ODPGREF2.INF INF 1, INF 2, PDF 1, PDF 2
OpenDoc User Interface Guidelines ODUI.INF INF, PDF
OSA Programming Guide and Reference OSA1.INF, OSA2.INF INF 1, INF 2, PDF 1, PDF 2
PartMeister Guide and Reference PMEISTER.INF INF, PDF

PowerPC Edition

Title Author Year Document Ref. Links
API Addendum Volume 1 (PowerPC Edition) IBM APIBAS.INF INF, PDF

IBM Device Driver Development Kit

Title Author Year Links
32bits Omni Presentation Driver IBM omni.inf
AP2 - Automated Audio Device Driver Test Tool ap2.inf
Assembly Language Processor (ALP) Assembler Reference alpref.inf
Display Device Driver Reference for OS/2 display.inf
Graphics Adapter Device Driver Reference gradd.inf
Input Output Device Driver Reference in_out.inf
LAN Device Driver Documentation
MMPM/2 Device Driver Reference mmpm2.inf
Object-Oriented OS2 Audio Device Driver Samples
Pen for OS2 Device Driver Reference 1996 penos2.inf
Physical Device Driver Reference pddref.inf
Presentation Device Driver Reference for OS2 pdrref.inf
Printer Device Driver printer.inf
Storage Device Driver Reference storage.inf
Using Your DDK useddk.inf
Virtual Device Driver Reference for OS2 vddref.inf