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Gordon W. Zeglinski is a freelance programmer/consultant who received his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a thesis on C++ sparse matrix objects. He has been programming in C++ for 6 years and also has a strong background in FORTRAN. He started developing OS/2 applications with version 2.0.

His projects included a client/server communications program that utilises OS/2's features which has entered beta testing. Additionally, he is involved in the development of a real-time automated vehicle based on OS/2 and using C++ in which he does device driver development and designs the applications that comprise the control logic and user interface.


Republishing Information
Gordon Zeglinski gave permission to release his EDM/2 articles under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0. Martin Iturbide requested this on 17-Feb-2012 and received the permission the same day. Gordon Zeglinski requested to be credited as the original author of the material.