July 1998
Volume 6 Issue 7

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I-net 101 - Electronic Mail Basics - Part 2
Marco takes a look at the use and abuse of email, that ubiquitous tool which we now all take for granted.

A Programmer's Editor Shootout - Program Editor V2
Program Editor is the plain name of this month's subjecct to Andy's scrutiny. Its forté appears to be scripting.

Managing DOS Settings
Accessing and setting DOS settings programmatically is Roman's topic in this article from Austria.

Accessing Databases Using Java and JDBC
Fernando write again from Brazil to introduce us to Java's database access APIs, and how to use these with mSQL.

Measuring CPU Usage
Sergey is back again, this time with information on how to get access to accurate CPU time measurements.

Inside The OS/2 Kernel
David Zimmerli has sent an extra-wide article in which he digs deep into the kernel to find out what is going on there.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 12
Björn updates his series with a lesson on reference counting and home-brewed pseudo-automatic garbage collection.
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