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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  Welcome back to a new and improved EDM/2. Not only are all the volume 2 issues now converted to HTML, the back issues index has undergone an overhaul to fit more information in less space, and now includes links directly to each article, rather than just to the top-level index of each issue. Chris van Doorn is behind these changes. Also courtesy of ideas from Chris, I have started colouring code and notes. Please let me know how you like this.
I have finally taken the time to overhaul the colours and fonts of the site a little bit. You will notice that in the actual articles and columns, such as this one, the green on the left is no longer there. I actually liked the green out there, but it wreaked havoc with wide code, such as in the "Inside the OS/2 Kernel" article this month, and this has bothered me for a long time. After thinking about it, I realized that if the green were not there, if the code sticks out a little bit to the left, it is no problem. Thus this solution. I also reduced all H1 headers to H2 headers, and all H2 headers to H3 headers. Again, I am not fond of doing this because of the HTML meaning of the hierarchy, but the Netscape implementation uses headers so big that they often wrap onto more than one line at the top of articles, which seemed like a huge waste of space. Finally, I used some of the space these two changes gave me to move the text of articles and columns a little left. Let me know if these changes cause any problems. If they don't they are here to stay, at least for a while. Perhaps once Opera is released for OS/2 and everyone moves to using it, I can reinstate the H1 and H2 hierarchy, and let people choose their own preferred font sizes for the various headers, but until then, we are stuck with Netscape.
James Scott, Jr., has sent in an update for his dialog snippet from last month. It is much more complete now with examples, and is a full library now. Check our snippets section for the new file.
I have changed the way we handle courses a little bit. From now on, if you are interested in taking a course, send me a note at with "course" in the subject, and let me know which course you would like to see offered. I am currently considering offering Introductory C++ and HTML, possibly also Java and NetREXX, so send those requests now!

On a different note, I haven't heard a peep from anyone regarding the EDM/2 CD that I mentioned recently. If anyone is interested in such a beast at all, I would love to hear from you. At the moment I am not sure whether to go forward with it or not, since there seems to be little demand. I can hardly believe that this is the case. I personally would love to have a CD with all the issues of EDM/2 live, as well as the zip files, the source code, the INF issues and so on, and the price will likely be very reasonable, possible $25-35 or something along those lines, depending on demand. If you are interested, please let me know. I am not looking for commitment to a purchase here, just an indicated interest. Mail me!
Timur Tabi has suggested to include the /dev directory of the OS/2 SuperSite, ie. Hobbes, and I feel that this is a great idea. Anyone else with ideas about what to put on the CD in the space left over can mail the ideas to me. Anyone whose contribution is included (except for the Hobbes stuff) will receive a free CD.

À Bientôt,