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Written by Aram Agajanian




A U.S. English version of Fixpack 7 for Warp 4 is now available for download. Fixpack 36 for Warp 3 was released for download at the beginning of June.

IBM has released version 30.550 of the PostScript drivers for OS/2.


InfoWorld reported that Richard Seibt will leave his position of General Manager of IBM's OS/2 Business Unit later this year. An IBM spokesperson was reported as saying that a replacement is likely to have been named by the end of July.


J&J Computer Consulting is requesting beta testers for the j-Shepard Internet server framework. j-Shepard consists of a server engine as well as a developer's kit with protocol components for IMAP4, HTTP, SMTP, and others in the works.


IBM has released a production version of Java 1.1.6 on the Software Choice. site. Java 1.1.6 contains many performance enhancements over version 1.1.4 and supports the OS/2 SMP kernel. It is also Y2K compliant. Java 1.1.6 is downloadable without cost.

The latest fixpack to Java 1.1.4 was released on May 30. It can be downloaded from IBM's Hursley Park labs via ftp.

SFS Software has announced version 1.11 of the CoffeeShop Java development environment. CoffeeShop supports the development of applets, applications, servlets, and JavaBeans components. It includes a source code editor, a GUI builder, a GUI debugger interface, project management tools, and documentation. The product is available under a shareware license. (CoffeeShop was formerly known as javaDraw.)

NetBeans has released a new, multi-platform version of its Java IDE, NetBeans Developer v2.0 Beta. The package automates the compile-debug-execute process and includes a Source Editor. Also included is a built-in HTTP server. For a limited time, NetBeans Developer v2.0 Beta is freely downloadable.

The author of Home Page Publisher and GpfRexx, Jean-Bernard Clerin, has released an alpha version of a Java development environment called OSM Java. OSM Java contains an GUI builder and a Java 1.1.4 code generator which allow the user to create Java appets or applications. The alpha version is freely downloadable.


Armin Schwarz has released rxPortIO, a DLL that facilitates access to digital I/O and data acquisition boards. rxPortIO can be called from Rexx under Warp 3.0 or later. Documentation and sample code is included in this freeware package.

Version 0.32 of njPipes has been released by Ed Tomlinson. njPipes is a port of CMS pipelines to NetRexx and Java. This version can be used from the command line or from NetRexx. NetRexx can also produce njPipes class files which can be called directly from Java code.

Juan Jose G. Ripoll has made available a second release of RxSetup, a Rexx installer/uninstaller for OS/2 applications. Version 0.2 includes new functionality, improved documentation, and bug fixes. RxSetup is freely downloadable.


In June, a new release (number 8) of Netscape Navagator 2.02 for OS/2 Warp was made available on IBM's Software Choice site. The new release contains support for the new Java 1.1.6 release as well as some new bug fixes. It can be downloaded at no cost.

Fortify is a 128-bit encryption add-on for Netscape Navigator 2.02 for OS/2 Warp. A new release has been made for Release 8.

Sun Microsystems made a new release (1.1.4) of its HotJava web browser. This version requires the Java 1.1.6 runtime. This version has several fixes over HotJava 1.1.2, the last generally available version. It can be downloaded at no cost.

A port of Lynx 2.8 is available on hobbes. Lynx is a lightweight text-interface web browser.

Version 2.3b2 of the Xitami web server is available. This is a recommended upgrade because it fixes a security problem with protected files. The Xitami server is freely downloadable.

IBM is offering a free commercial license for the XML parser available on its alphaWorks web site. The license allows developers to use the parser in commercial products without obligation to IBM.


Illya Vaes has completed the port of Tcl 7.6/Tk 4.2 for OS/2. The package is downloadable from hobbes.


XLISP-PLUS 3.03 is now available for OS/2. The software is free for non-commercial use and includes source code, documentation, and sample programs.

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