December 1997
Volume 5 Issue 12

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OpenGL and OS/2
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InJoy Internet Dialer V1.1
Marco takes a hard look at one of the premier dialers of the OS/2 Internet community.

A Programmer's Editor Shootout - Kon
Kon gets the once-over by Andy, as he discovers the special features that it has, including hex capabilities.

Safe Document Handling
How do you ensure that when your user handles data, you program keeps it completely safe, even in the event of crashes? Stephane discusses this tough issue.

Dynamic Control Formatting
Alger is back without devices this time! This month he looks at how to make your controls dockable.

Let's Talk About... Singleton
Singleton classes are the topic of Stefan's article, with some tough issues examined and some solutions put forth.

Real Glass
Tels takes a look at some traditional and some better ways to achieve realistic looking glass.

Work Place Shell Programming - Part 3/4
Hooking up to C++ code and working with extended attributes are Chris's topics this time.

Building a CD Player - Part 4/4
Stephane wraps up the series with some door handling code, moving from track to track and more.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 5
This month, Björn gets into I/O streams, and how to extend them with our own types.
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