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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson




With version 1.1.4, IBM has created what looks like the fastest Java implementations for the PC this far. Get it here.

If you want it to be harder to steal your Java code you may want to try ObfuscatePro by Neil Aggarwal.

Digital recording

If you want to do digital recording on your computer, CERES Software har released a free timelimited beta of their Ceres Soundstudio. You can record up to 32 tracks and it has a number of effects to change the sound. More information at their homepage.

New web browser

Norwegian Opera Software has started Project Magic which is an initiative to bring their web browser Opera to a number of different platforms, including OS/2. The deal is: you pay and they develop. Right now they have more than 1000 people saying they are prepared to pay for an OS/2 version so development may start pretty soon.

CASE tool

CASEtalk from The Danish Object Company is a CASE tool with support for Java that adds on VisualAge for Smalltalk and Java. You can get a free demo from their homepage.


The mysterious IPAD has been updated to version 0.5.2. IPAD is right now an interactive drawing package but will be developed into something else. has more information.

Fax gateway

Keller Group has released some new products in their PMfax range. A new fax gateway for Lotus Notes/Domino and updated versions of their fax gateway for cc:Mail and clinet software for Windows 95 and NT. For further information go to Keller Group's homepage.


If you for some reason want to know what TCP/IP services a computer is running a portscanner will do the work. Ralf Christen has released version 1.60 of his TCP/IP Portscanner which can be found here.

HTTP server

If you would like to set up a web server, Web/2 promises to be easy to setup and use. It has now been updated to version 1.3 and can be downloaded from

New items to as always.