October 1997
Volume 5 Issue 10

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The Internet Adventurer
Marco reviews yet another program: Kim Rasmussen's Internet Adventurer.

Building a REXX DLL in C
Jorge revisits us to sort out REXX DLL programming in C.

The Making of CandyBarZ
The author of a popular shareware utility drops by in his little spare time to let us know how he did it (or some of it anyway).

The Case of the Invisible Corpse
Dennis Sposato recounts a highly controversial tale of OS/2 debugging like no one has before.

Disabling a Window (Rectangle)
Roman takes on explaining how to disable a window, and why to do this.

Work Place Shell Programming - Part 1/4
Chris Palchak starts a fantastic new series on OS/2's unique interface.

Building a CD Player - Part 2/4
In this installment of Stephane's series, we start manipulating the device itself.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 3
Björn is back at his best, explaining encapsulation in more detail, in response to reader requests.
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