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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  Well, what a month! Enough to keep Superman busy! And it's just me here!
Some corrections first: Ted Waldron III has made some minor technical corrections to his SMP article last month, so if you read that, make sure you go back and re-read it.
Also corrected was the STL article two issues ago. It received a name-change, and other minor corrections as well.
The bookstore is going full tilt! Visit it and see what reviews and recommendations we have for you.
The C course is proceeding as well, with over 30 students. Registration is now closed for this course, but more will come up later this fall, including one or more C++ courses, and much more. If you are interested in teaching such a course, get in touch with me as soon as possible, and we can discuss it. I need lots of instructors. See the list under our Online Courses web page.
Unfortunately, (and fortunately too), I have more articles than I can keep up with this month, so a few will be published next month instead. I have tried to be fair with respect to sequence of arrival, but if I have slighted someone, please take no offense! A bumpercrop-issue is something to be proud of, and next month will be another.

Shai jumps into JavaBeans in this month's installment of Grinding Java.
Off the Beaten Track reminds us of how late night programming doesn't necessarily pay off every time!
OpenGL is back with Perry, and this month he takes a look at creating a more complex 3D world.
Finally, Oscar reports on this month's news.

Marco is back! This time he takes a look at the developer's other tool: the web browser. This month The Internet Adventurer is under the scope.
Jorge Martins takes a slightly different slant than usual, puts down his artist's pen, picks up his writer's pen, and pens a long-awaited article on coding REXX DLLs.
CandyBarz author Matt Wagner explains some of his tricks to us in an exciting hands-on article.
The detective story of the application corpse is handled ably by Colt-touting private-eye Dennis Sposato.
Next up is Roman, who tackles the why's and how's of window disabling.
Chris Palchak introduces us to the first part in an in-depth new series on Work Place Shell Programming!
Stephane revisits us with the CD player series. This month we continue what was already begun and just code on.
Finally, Björn restarts the C++ series, after a well deserved-holiday, and after starting the C Online course.

Here is the long-promised congratulations to the team of INF converters. Starting with Antonino, the team has put in an incredible effort, and everything is done now, going backwards to 1-01 (with the exception of 5-03 which has been done, but which I am missing). Here is a complete list:

Antonino Iannella -
Ivan Skytte Jørgensen -
Kerry Dukie -

Honorable mention for Zia Partovi ( who has withdrawn due to work commitments.

Conversion record:

  5-08   Ivan   Starting
  5-07   AI     Done!
  5-06   Ivan   Done!
  5-05   Ivan   Done!
  5-04   AI     Done!
  5-03   Kerry  Allocated
  5-02   Kerry  Done!
  5-01   AI     Done!
  4-11   Ivan   Done!
  4-10   Ivan   Done!
  4-09   AI     Done!
  4-08   AI     Done!

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See you soon,