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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



Feel the Java-Vibe

Visix Software Inc has released a version of their Java development tool Vibe for OS/2. Vibe comes in two editions: Vibe Enterprise and Vibe DE, with Vibe Enterprise aimed more at database applications. Vibe includes an IDE with compiler, debugger, editor and interface construction tools. It also includes its own set of classes, Visix's own Foundation Classes, inherited from their cross-development environment Galaxy.

Tcl/Tk for OS/2

The first public beta of Illya Naes's new native Tcl/Tk port for OS/2 has been made available. It implements Tk 4.1 and Tcl 7.5. Download it from

Install with Java

InstallShield has released a Java version of their InstallShield installation application. This means that it should be able to run under OS/2. More information at the InstallShield Java Edition homepage.

Disassemble with color highlighting

The new version of Datarescue's IDA Pro disassembler has been released. New features in version 3.7 include color highighting, stack variables, enum support and C++ library name identification (for users of Borland, MicroSoft or Watcom). A free upgrade is available for users of IDA 3.5 or higher.

POV-Ray front-end

Sean Ryan has completed version 0.42b of his POV-Ray modeller ForeSpace. Most noticeable features is an internal image viewer and basic text-primitives. Find out more at the ForeSpace homepage.

Enhanced out of beta

The Enhanced E editor from PillarSoft has come out of its beta stage. Not really any new features, but there are translation files appearing on the homepage.

New Kon version

In the new version 1.09 of editor Kon the macro-support has been improved. Kon is developed by Björn Andersson. Check out the latest version at its homepage.

Document your apps

DOC++ is a documentation system released under GPL for documenting C/C++ and Java code. It can output both LaTeX and HTML-files from the header-files. Jörg Desch has ported DOC++ to OS/2. More information of the OS/2 port can be found here, while infomration about DOC++ can be found here.

Connect your LAN to the internet

Ever wanted to have a simple way to connect your LAN to the internet? Internet Gate from MaccaSoft can do this. It works as a multiple proxy gate and firewall and will let users on a LAN connect to internet through a single connection. The connection can be a dial-up modem/ISDN connection or another ethernet card. It also supports dial-on-demand.

OpenGL-based VRML browser

Now Enterprise has released version 1.02 of their VRML/2 VRML browser. It uses OpenGL to render the images. More information from Now Enterprise's homepage.

Image Database

Modular Dreams has released their new image database MD+F Marauder 3. The application is designed to handle those sometimes chaotic image collections resulting from using the internet. For more information go to Modular Dreams homepage.

Free source for CD-player!

Lyndsay Roger has decided to release the source for his CD-player CD in a Box to the public. CD in a Box uses the WPS for trackselection, so there may be some hints for many of us. The source is available from here.

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