September 1997
Volume 5 Issue 9

From the Editor

Grinding Java
Off the Beaten Track
OpenGL and OS/2
The News

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The OS/2 API Project
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OS/2's Symmetrical Multiprocessing Demystified
Ted Waldron III, one of the architects of SMP in OS/2, clarifies the details surrounding OS/2 SMP programming.

Manage Your Configuration Files and Data
Stefan outlines the steps required to set up configuration and initialization data for your application.

The Service-Oriented Home Page Primer
Marco is back with Sally to prime you in web page design.

Rebooting OS/2
Roman is here this month to explain how to reboot OS/2 programmatically.

Building a CD Player - Part 1/4
Stephane builds a CD player and shows you all the most difficult steps involved. In this installment, we get acquainted with the structure and start coding.
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