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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  So, here we are back again, with a few orders going through the bookstore already! Find it on the front page.
Shai examines the possibility of using Java within applications and other issues, in this month's Dynamic Java.
Off the Beaten Track visits the zany and bloated world of class libraries this month. Stay back, animal rights activists!
OpenGL is back with Perry, and this month he takes a look at enhancing the simple application to do some 3D work. Find out how easy it is!

Ted Waldron III pays EDM/2 a visit to explain how SMP is implemented in OS/2, and to give some pointers of what to do and what to avoid. Ted is one of the architects of SMP in OS/2.
Stefan is back (remember the status-line indicator in C++?) to show us how to program configuration and initialization files into our applications.
Marco and Sally take a long hard look at how to design web pages to present data and information as strongly as possible, while avoiding the common glitz traps.
Roman takes a look at how to reboot OS/2, thereby answering a common question from programmers.
Stephane Bessette has written a series on Building a CD Player, and this month we see the first installment, in which he introduces the structure, and starts coding.
I will be on holiday from August 24th to September 14th, so while I am gone, please don't send too many multi-MB email messages :) Due to preparation for my holidays, I have unfortunately been unable to review SmallEd as I promised last month. Once I get back, things should get moving again though. We will pick up where we left off and continue to offer the best OS/2 developer resource on the web.

Our busy team of converters have now produced every INF issue missing, except 0503, which will be done soon. They have agreed to stay on for a while at least, so it looks like our INF fans will be happy once again.
If you have something to say, well, you know what to do...

See you next month,