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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson




Not much this month, the summer heat seems to kill all productivity, at least here on the northern hemisphere. But a couple of items are available.


OmniBasic, a portable Basic available for OS/2, DOS, Linux and Win 95/NT among others, has been released in version 1.27. More information and a free demo is available from


Simon Husin has released version 1.30 of his REXX-library for accessing DB/2 databases with SQL statements. The main new feature seems to be a nice one: the ability to get the output as HTML-tables. A homepage is now available, which contains the latest version and further information.


PariServ from Lynk Media is a new cross-platform web application framework. PariServ is based around a web server written in Java, and there is also a script languague called PariScript which generates the HTML-pages. For more information on PariServ, examples of applications and a downloadable demo version (NT and UNIX right now) go to

With hopes of a longer column next month, Oscar Gustafsson. (News to