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This is the second of the three base Workplace object storage classes which are derived from WPObject. Subclasses of this class (WPDataFile and WPFolder) have in common that they physically exist in the file system. The WPS stores additional configuration data for those objects in the Extended Attributes of the file, mostly in .CLASSINFO.

This class is only an abstract superclass for subclasses. There should not be any objects of this class directly, but only of the subclasses.
Default Title
"File System"
Class definition file

Class hierarchy SOMObject

SOMObject instance methods

  • somDefaultInit
  • somDestruct

WPObject instance methods

Overridden methods

  • wpCopyObject
  • wpIdentify
  • wpQueryHandle
  • wpQueryIcon
  • wpSaveImmediate

WPObject class methods

Overridden methods.

  • wpclsObjectFromHandle
  • wpclsQueryStyle]]
  • wpclsQueryTitle