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WDSibyl is an open source Object Pascal development environment for OS/2 Warp and Microsoft Windows that is largely compatible with Borland Delphi, although it has diverged slightly in the last few years. It is maintained by Wolfgang Draxler who based it on the SpeedSoft Sibyl open source release of the late 90s that also begat the Lazarus project.

The general consensus is that the OS/2 version of the toolkit is in a much better state than the MS windows version although the latter is perfectly usable if a slightly outdated development tool.


Please note that the latest versions of the software can only be downloaded from the homepage of the author and the site requires registration.

  • Latest Version: 3.13 (2010-01-17)
There is also an updated help file for the software package available as a separate download.
  • Latest version of the WDSibyl library: 4.0a7 (2015-11-13)
This is the base Object Pascal library for the package and is much newer than the WDSibyl package itself.
Additional software and libraries
  • eWDSibylDefaultColors - Helps with choosing colours in WDSibyl - downloadable from the project homepage.
  • WDSQL - Enables you to connect to SQL databases via unixODBC - downloadable from the project homepage.

In addition to these there are quite a few code snippets hidden away on the WDSibyl discussion forums, including a small dbf library.




  • Open source software released under the GPL v2

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