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A bimonthly print magazine released by IBM's Personal Systems Division in Texas, USA that was during its later years squarely focused on OS/2, although some other PS Division subjects such as PowerPC were covered from time to time. Note that it was not a free marketing publication but rather intended as a technical magazine for manager and required a somewhat hefty paid subscription, but on the other hand it was a professionally designed publication had an excellent layout and even had custom created cartoons, graphic illustrations and the like.

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The last issue published was "November & December 1996" and when it was folded IBM published articles intended for the "January & February 1997" issue online instead.



  • Betty Hawkins - Editor
  • Van Landrum - The Personal Systems Magazine's business manager, also wrote a regular column called "Road Trip" that dealt mainly with the internet.
  • Gregory Piamonte
  • Fred Castaneda - Had a regular column called "One-Stop Shopping"
  • Richard K. Goran - Wrote on REXX related subjects.
  • Rick Weaver
  • Chris Fierros
  • Steven P. Schneer
  • Edward Duhé
  • Bret Curran
  • Randall Johnson
  • Philip Lieberman
  • Herman Rodriguez