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This article list OS/2 2.x software development related manuals and redbooks from IBM.

OS/2 2.0 Technical Library

Title Document No. ISBN Links
Application Design Guide S10G-6260-00 ISBN 1-56529-157-3 [1], PDF
Programming Guide Volume I S10G-6261-00 ISBN 1-56529-154-9 [2], PDF
Programming Guide Volume II S10G-6494-00 ISBN 1-56529-155-7 [3], PDF
Programming Guide Volume III S10G-6495-00 ISBN 1-56529-156-5 [4], PDF
Information Presentation Facility Guide and Reference S10G-6262-00 PDF
System Object Model Guide and Reference S10G-6309-00 [5], PDF
Control Program Programming Reference S10G-6263-00 [6], PDF
Presentation Manager Programming Reference Volume I S10G-6264-00 [7], PDF
Presentation Manager Programming Reference Volume II S10G-6265-00 [8], PDF
Presentation Manager Programming Reference Volume III S10G-6272-00 [9], PDF
Physical Device Driver Reference S10G-6266-00 [10], PDF
Virtual Device Driver Reference S10G-6310-00 [11], PDF
Presentation Driver Reference S10G-6267-00 [12], PDF
Procedures Language 2/REXX Reference S10G-6268-00
Procedures Language 2/REXX User’s Guide S10G-6269-00 [13], PDF
IBM SAA CUA Interface Design Reference SC34-4289-00
IBM SAA CUA Guide to User Interface Design SC34-4290-00
Bidirectional National Language Support Reference S10G-4433-00 [14], PDF

OS/2 2.1

Title Document No. ISBN Links
OS/2 2.1 Control Program Programming Reference S10G-6263-01
OS/2 2.1 Display Device Driver Reference S71G-1896-01
OS/2 2.1 Input/Output Driver Reference S71G-1898-01
OS/2 2.1 MMPM/2 Device Driver Reference S71G-3678-01
OS/2 2.1 Bidirectional Support S71G-4114-00
OS/2 2.1 Keyboard and Code Pages S71G-4113-00

Online Books

Title Date Links
Installable File Systems for OS/2 2.0 Feb 1992 IFS.INF, PDF
IBM OS/2 2.0 Kernel Debugger - Preliminary Draft Sep 1992 kdebug.zip
IBM OS/2 v2.0 Kernel Design Guide Dec 2003 KGUIDE20.INF, PDF

IBM Redbooks

Title Authors Year Document No. ISBN Links
OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 1: Control Program Bill Bolton, Calvin Bradshaw, Gert Ehing, Bo Falkenberg, Darryl Frost, Eddie Griborn, Tim Sennitt, Neil Stokes, Katsutoshi Suzuki 1992 GG24-3730-00 [15]
OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 2: DOS and Windows Environment Robert Beck, Herman Benders, Bo Falkenberg, Dorle Hecker, Patrick Lee, Robert Penrose, Dwight Ronquest, Laurie Rose, Karl-Peter Schweder, Tim Sennitt, Neil Stokes, Bernd Westphal GG24-3731-00 [16]
OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 3: Presentation Manager and Workplace Shell Alan Chambers, Karsten During, Gert Ehing, Franco Federico, Dennis Lock, Joachim Müller, Jouko Ruuskanen, Neil Stokes, Katsutoshi Suzuki GG24-3732-00 [17]
OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 4: Writing Applications Alan Chambers, Franco Federico, Douglas Pearless, Neil Stokes 1993 GG24-3774-00 [18]
OS/2 Version 2.0 Volume 5: Print Subsystem Hans J. Goetz, Jerry A. Stegenga II, Robert Beck, Calvin Bradshaw, Darryl Frost, Dorle Hecker, Bob Leitch 1992 GG24-3775-00 [19]
Migrating from a DOS/Windows Environment to OS/2 2.0, Porting Windows Applications to OS/2 2.0 GG24-3822-00
Evaluation of OS/2 V2.0 Application Development Tools 1993 GG24-3944-00
OS/2 Version 2.1 Technical Update Florence Calvez, Rich Dulaney, Goh Song Eng, John Heggie, Don Johnston, Adam Jollans, Dietmar Juretzka, Thomas Löffler, Douglas Pearless GG24-3948-00
OS/2 2.0 WPS Development C++ User Interface Class Library GG24-4052-00
OS/2 2.11, OS/2 2.1 for Windows, New OS/2 Device Drivers and Updates to OS/2 2.1 1994 GG24-4212-00
Introduction to OS/2 2.1 National Language Support GG24-4213-00
OS/2 2.x Family Update, Including SMP GG24-2517-00