May 1999
Volume 7 Issue 4

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Implementing Flyout Menus in OS/2
Michael shows us how to construct Windows-style jumping menus in an OS/2 application.

V - A Free C++ Graphical User Interface Framework
Jon introduces us to V, a cross-platform GUI framework that has recently been ported to OS/2.

XDS Oberon
Paul reviews a commercial compiler/debugger/profiler package which enables developers to build Oberon-2 and Modula-2 apps for OS/2.

A Review of VisualAge C++ Version 4.0
Gordon bravely wrestles with the latest C++ offering from IBM.

The Anon CVS Bazaar - Part II
Henry continues his series on CVS with an explanation of branches, source file keywords, accessing revision logs, and more.

A Warped RCS/CVS HowTo
In fine Linux style, Henry gives us a step-by-step "HowTo" on installing RCS and CVS for OS/2.

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