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From the Editor

Written by David C. Zimmerli


  With apologies again for being a few steps behind in the production cycle, we present the May 1999 issue of EDM/2. In this issue we have an impressive array of six new articles and two columns aimed at bringing you the latest news and activities in the OS/2 development scene.

This month we welcome two new contributors: Mike La Martina, who describes how an OS/2 application can be adapted to include Windows-style flyout menus, and Jon Hacker, with an article on a cross-platform GUI framework that runs on OS/2. Among the familiar faces, Paul Floyd pursues his interest in the Oberon-2 programming language with a review of the development environment XDS, and Gord Zeglinski brings us up to date with the latest incarnation of Visual Age C++.

Finally, this month's issue owes much to the tireless efforts of Henry Sobotka, who, in addition to writing the news column and providing two new articles on CVS and RCS, did much of the proofreading for the rest of the magazine. A big thank you goes to Henry, and also to Ewen McNeill for helping out with proofreading, and to Carsten for supplying ongoing moral support and inspiration :-).


David C. Zimmerli