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Developers Wanted

Written by Henry Sobotka


  This page is not really an article but rather an ongoing list which will be updated every month, and eventually become accessible directly from the lefthand menu. If you have new information about these or any other projects in need of developers, or adopt one of the orphans, please let us know at the address below.

Free/Open Source Orphans and Projects


W3C, the Internet standards committee, has released Amaya 1.4a, its editor/browser used to demonstrate and test the latest Web protocols and data formats. Currently only Unix and Windows 95/NT binaries are available <HINT>along with the source code.</HINT>


The GameCode multimedia development library is now open source. At present only Win32 and Mac builds are supported, so feel free...


Are you a happily hacking hobbit or just feeling impish? Trollish? Docish? Grumpy? Sneezy? Then it's off to work you can go at GNOME/2, a new international project aimed at porting GNOME applications to XFree86/2.


Don't gnu what to do? Try gnawing on the GNU project's gneverending task list. You might find software begging to be Warped, or consider writing documentation (a top priority), or even doing original GNU programming with emx+gcc and other OS/2 gnuware.

Hexen & Heretic

OS/2 Netlabs is willing to set up OS/2 ports of Hexen and Heretic as a new project at their site (with the benefits of http, ftp and "soon" CVS access) since Raven Software has released the source code for the blatantly wicked two games. If you're interested, drop Netlabs a note, perhaps after checking out the SciTech MGL (multi-platform graphics library) used by the medieval duo.

Java PalmPilot Project

The Java PalmPilot Project needs developers interested in writing jConduits for synchronizing with popular personal information packages, and in porting the language plug-in module to other national languages. A developers page has been set up.


Sharon Dagan no longer has time to complete NICE/2, so has released the latest version along with the source code and would like someone to take over and continue working on the tool for dynamically reshuffling process priority in OS/2.

OS/2 Starter Kit

Christoph Vogelbusch is looking for contributors to his planned OS/2 Starter Kit, a CD for one-step installation of drivers, FixPaks, Java, desktop applications, utilities etc.


The open-source SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) game development library, available for Linux, Solaris, BeOS, and Win32, has yet to be ported to OS/2.


Warpzilla, the OS/2 port of the Mozilla source code, is keeping pace with the other main platforms as development rapidly approaches Milestone 6 (M6). This month should bring the longawaited checkin of a new branch which, if it doesn't break the other builds, may soon after be merged into the main source tree. If you're interested in contributing, have a look at the roadmap and post a message to the newsgroup or email John Fairhurst. The new branch will include an a.out build for debugging with GDB.


The Win32-OS/2 project has found a new home at OS/2 Netlabs and is being revived in an effort to get Microsoft Office running on OS/2 and stem the corporate drift to Windows NT (if Melissa doesn't already have them thinking twice). Developers interested in contributing are asked to sign on to the mailing list to discuss feasibility and help decide whether or not to go ahead with the humongous project, which could have a real impact on the future of OS/2.


Ulrich Moeller, creator of XFolder, is looking experienced WPS and PM programmers with a knowledge of OS/2 library classes and internals to help develop his WPS enhancer.

Free Device Driver Developer Listing

The OS/2 Programming Device Driver mailing-list site now carries a roster of programmers capable of writing OS/2 device drivers and interested in doing freelance or contract work, or maybe even landing a full-time job. The listings are free, and also open to firms that hire out OS/2 driver developers. The site was recently updated with new hotlinks to web pages carrying OS/2 driver programming information.

OS/2 Employment Opportunities

Four Positions in Orem Utah (April 16)

Four OS/2-related positions are available with a software development firm (not Novell) based in Orem, Utah: a Q/A Tester for the company's OS/2 products and programs, two OS/2 developers, and an OS/2 Technical Product Marketing Representative. For additional information, contact:

Krysta Riley
Computer Resources Group
(888) 326-2116 (voice) or (888) 722-2116 (fax)

TEKsystems: ~16 Jobs

The TEKsystems website lists 16 OS/2 positions ranging from Helpdesk Analyst to Senior Engineer at locations scattered across the U.S. Type "OS/2" in the entry field on their Job Search page to display the list of opportunities.

Zero-Knowledge Systems

Montreal-based Zero-Knowledge Systems, presently working on the Windows version of Freedom, a means of ensuring anonymity while browsing the web, before tackling the Mac and Linux versions, is receptive to CVs from "good OS/2 developers" by email.

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