August 1998
Volume 6 Issue 8

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I-net 101 - The Basics of File Transfers - Part 3/4
Marco dicusses the pros and cons of email versus ftp for tranferring files between locations.

Java Servlet Programming in OS/2
Fernando teaches us how to do servlet programming in Java, of course with the mSQL database.

A Discussion of Oberon
Paul launches into a discussion of what Oberon is, where it came from and where to find out more.

A Description of the Oberon-2 Language
Paul reappears to briefly describe what Oberon looks like and what features the language has.

Calling PM APIs from AVIO sessions
Roman has discovered how to ensure that a particular application boots into the foreground, getting the priority boost.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 13/13
Björn wraps up his long-running series on C++ with an examination of the new run time type identification functionality, and a brief discussion of C++ efficiency and code bloat.
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