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From the Editor

Written by Carsten Whimster


  We have a new award! The good people at Links2Go have selected EDM/2 as a Key Resource site for the topic of OS/2! Well, duh! :) It is nice to see that there is still someone out there who puts some time and effort into maintaining OS/2's presence on the web. Thank you! Check our Testimonials page for the award and the link. Just click on the award to go to their site.
Björn has now officially finished the C++ series with RTTI and a look at C++ efficiency. This has been the longest-running, most stable series we have ever had! I can't express how much I apprectiate this kind of dedication. Congratulations and thank you, Björn.

Well, who would have thought this would ever happen! Thanks to the dedication of Chris van Doorn, the last issues have now been converted to HTML. This means that all the ASCII issues are gone! Everything is available in HTML. I have been looking forward to this for a long long time. It also means that the CD plans can now move a little faster. I didn't feel good about releasing a CD with some issues not in HTML, but with everything converted, the remaining things to fix on the site are less important, and they can wait until the next release of the CD. Before the CD is released, we should have all our series hooked together with little links, like in the WPS series that ended back in January.
I took this opportunity to fix a bunch of niggling little things, most of which are barely noticeable. I standardized the headers for all articles, I redid the graphics for the text links to the various columns and sections of the site, I redid the HTML table that contains each article, for a more pleasing layout, I reinstated the green strip to the left of articles, since I really think it looks much better, but I kept it much narrower this time, so it shouldn't interfere any more. I standardized some of the HTML in the files, to make wholesale changes easier, and some other small things.
One of the changes is that Chris has been working on more links between parts of a series. I took the opportunity to add to each article title how many parts are in each series. In other words, you will see "Part 1/8" at the end of the title, not just "Part 1." This should help a bit.
These changes mean that every single page on the site has been changed this month! If you want the full benefit of the new changes and look, I would recommend scheduling in some ftp/http download time sometime over the next month or so :) Please try to keep your transfers to off hours, to prevent our server from melting down.
Now there are a few other things on the backburner which may well get done over time. One priority item is to figure out a better way to find stuff on the site. The search engine is good, but not always enough. The page with links to all the articles is only useful if you remember roughly when the article you need came out. We need something a little more, like a topical index or something similar. These can be hard to set up right, but we will work on it.
On a different note, I will probably try to redo the various link-bars across the articles and other pages at some point, but they work right now, so this is low priority. Other than that, I can't think of anything else that desperately needs doing. If you can think of something, let me know.

I have heard some calls for a CD, but not enough to commit to production of it yet, so I will do three things: I will post to the OS/2 newsgroups about it, to catch anyone who doesn't read my editorial, I will wait longer before deciding, to let people return from holidays, and I will announce it on WarpCast. Then we will see if we can get the kind of turnout that will allow us to feel confident about putting the money into it up front without fearing losing an arm and a leg. If you didn't mail me yet but want a CD, mail me NOW! Again, I am not looking for a commitment, only a show of hands.

À Bientôt,