August 1997
Volume 5 Issue 8

From the Editor

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Grinding Java
Off the Beaten Track
OpenGL and OS/2
The News

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Code Snippets & Tips
The OS/2 API Project
Timur Tabi's Links

OS/2 Observations, Rumors, & Tips from PC Expo
Marco sifts through the volume of information presented at this year's PC Expo.

Notebook Key Processing
Roman is back with a short tutorial on how to process key strokes better in notebooks.

Hunting Memory Bugs
Ivan Skytte Jørgensen has devised some interesting C++ classes to deal with aggravating memory overwrite bugs. Read all about it!

An OS/2 Allocator for the STL
Vincent LaBella introduces his classes aimed at implementing thread safe memory allocation in STL under OS/2.

An Introduction to C++ Programming - Part 2
Björn continues on in his quest for C/C++'izing the world with this second installment in the C++ series.
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