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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



New graphic packages

It looks like the OS/2 community has seen the last release of SPG's ColorWorks. Instead, the new version called ColorWorks:WEB 3 will only be available for Win 95 and NT. But no need to change operating system because of that, since there are many new graphics applications coming for OS/2. After making a number of plug-ins for ColorWorks V2 and the Web Animation Kit (WebAK), Modular Dreams has made a paint program called SX Paint, which right now is included in WebAK. The program is, like WebAK, based on Modular Dreams multiplatform SX libraries and will be availble for OS/2, Win32, BeOS and is planned for AIX. More information on the SX Paint homepage.

Dadaware is making new betas available for next version (2.02) of their photo-editing software Embellish. New features include GIF-animations and scanning support. The latest beta (as well as a demo version of version 2.01) is available at Dadaware's download area.

Voice modems

Sasha Prins has started a project dealing with voice modems, the goal is to get a number of people together and develop APIs and applications that uses voice modems. The homepage is available at

If you do not want to develop a new voice modem program, PMfax (aka FaxWorks) from Keller Group has been updated to version 3.01. Multiple voice mail mailboxes are available, additional modems are supported and the voice features are enhanced. A free upgrade from 3.00 and further information are available at Keller Group's homepage.

VisualAge for Java

IBM has released VisualAge for Java. It comes in two editions, Professional and Enterprise. The Professional edition is the normal package while the Enterprise edition is more aimed at client-server applications. There is also an entry level package which is the professional edition, limited to 100 classes, and licensed for "internal, non-commercial use", but it is free! More information and the entry level edition available from


Two new mainenance releases of the REXX Code Formatter (RCF/2) have been made available during July. A serious problem has been fixed, which makes it a good idea to upgrade to 1.2.4. All other reported bugs has also been fixed. The RCF/2 homepage is located at xcode.html.

The RexxBOS library from LogiSoft has been updated to version 2.1. RexxBOS is a general purpose library for REXX applications. More information at LogiSoft AR.

Wordup Graphics Toolkit news

PolyEx Software has lowered the price of their Wordup Graphics Toolkit. They are also making the documentation available on-line. Information and documentation available at PolyEx Software.

JavaScript interpreter

Nombas are offering a JavaScript compatible interpreter called ScriptEase:Integration SDK. The SDK will let you have a JavaScript compatible script interpreter in your C/C++ application. ScriptEase is available for numerous platforms and operating systems including OS/2. Further information can be found at

Get a static hostname for your dial-up.

Ever wanted your own hostname although you only have dial-up access and therefore get a different IP everytime you connect? Monolith and DynDNS can do this for for you. The problem is that you will have to fill in a form on their www-pages to update your information. But now there is DYNDNS/2 which updates this information automatically when you run the program. The program can be found at

Final Enhanced E beta

The final beta of the Enhanced E editor from PillarSoft is available from their homepage.


LXopt by Mike Ruddy has been released as freeware! LXopt is a program that will rearrange the pages in your executable to minimize paging. Although you will probably not notice a very big difference when running the program normally, it will really improve the performance in low resource situations. So use it on your applications, it is really a no lose situation. The program can be downloaded from Hobbes.

e_Db database engine

The 2.0 version of e_Db is now available. e_Db is an embedded database engine available for a number of platforms. More information from Simple Software Solutions.

Finally check out DevBahn and DevBahn Games for more information about the DevBahn project, a project to try to keep OS/2 programming resources available although they may have disappeared from the original site.

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