May 1997
Volume 5 Issue 5

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A Programmer's Editor Shootout - Visual SlickEdit 2.0
The largest and most in-depth programmer's editor shootout series ever starts by examining Visual SlickEdit 2.0.

PMView 1.00
Under the software scalpel this month: the fantastic graphics viewer PMView. This program quickly grabbed the lion's share of the graphics market when it was released, but has only recently gone gold.

Digital Sound & Music Interface for OS/2
Julien explains how to program for this exciting method of adding multiple channels of sound to apllications, even for sound cards which only support one.

ICAT: The New Remote Source-code Debugger for OS/2
Chris and Dave walk us through an introduction to this incredibly capable new debugger from IBM.

The Making of WarpTris - Part 1
Paulo shows us step by step through the making of his unique four-directional version of the classical Tetris game for Warp.

Adding Native Compression To Your Application
Alger is back, this time with two DLLs and an article on how to add compression to your application's file saving and loading.

An Introduction to C Programming - Part 9
Björn examines dynamic data structures this month, with an example of a linked list.
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