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The News

Written by Oscar Gustafsson



Even more Java from IBM

As reported in last month's column, IBM is putting a real effort into Java. The first open beta of VisualAge for Java is now available at VA for Java will incorporate BeanMachine, a tool for non-programmers to create applications with the new JavaBeans components. IBM is also aiming at integrating the JavaBeans component model into all VisualAge products. Taligent is releasing a tool for converting ActiveX components to JavaBeans components and a toolkit for developing JavaBeans and Web server applications called VisualAge WebRunner. More information on the JavaBeans component model is available at JavaSoft's homepage.
General information about IBM's Java efforts can be found at

Pascal Visual Development Environment

SpeedSoft is releasing a field test version of their Visual Pascal development environment called Sibyl. Sibyl includes a Delphi Object-Pascal compiler, an improved debugger and an object browser together with lots of components. Sibyl will also be available for Win 95/NT and can compile Turbo-Pascal and Delphi sources under OS/2, which makes it good for cross-platform use. For more information go to

Editor Updates

Pillar Soft are continuously releasing new versions of their Enhanced E and Enhanced EE Editors. The latest are Beta version 0.16. The most improvements lately have been done in the drag and drop area and the 0.16 version has also decreased in size as redundant code has been removed. The editors are available from

Faster I/O

I/O device driver man Alger Pike has written an article about how to do 32-bit iopl I/O. That, and more device driver information, is available at

Debug just about anything

The ICAT Remote Debugger has a new Website available at With ICAT you can debug not only applications, but device drivers, installable file systems (IFS), kernels and subsystems as well.

New libraries

Paul Elliott is porting the Socket++ C++ library. Socket++ allows a TCP/IP connection to be handled as an iostream object or as an unnamed pipe. Right now there is a pre-release version available at As soon as it gets stable enough it will be uploaded to
If you want better precision in your calculations then the GNU multi-precision (GMP) library may be something for you. It allows arbitrary precision arithmetics for signed integers, rational numbers and floating point numbers. This port is for 0.9c and contains two static libraries (i486 and Pentium optimized) and a DLL for dynamic linking. The port was made by Peter Meerwald and is available at or Hobbes as

Format your REXX code with RCF/2

A new version (1.1.2) of REXX Code Formatter/2 is available which fixes a problem from previous versions. Further information and the latest version can be found at

IBM Technical Interchange

The sixth IBM Technical Interchange takes place May 11-15 in St Louis. More information can be found at

Moved Websites

Polyex Software, makers of WordUp Graphics Toolkit for OS/2, have a brand new site at
The homepage of Digital Sound & Music Interface for OS/2 (DSMI/2) has moved to and the author's (Julien Pierre) new e-mail address is

In the last news column I stated that the Animated Mouse Pointer package was translated into at least twelve languages. I would now like to clarify that the translation is done on a voluntary basis and the actual number of finished translations may be less.

There is now a new e-mail address set up for submitting news to this column, will now reach me (or whoever may write this column in a couple of years).