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VisPro/REXX is a Visual Programming tool that is completely integrated with the Workplace Shell and offers multiple views, drag-drop interaction, popup menus, settings notebooks, direct editing, all CUA '91 features and supports the OS/2 Font and Color palettes. Users with little or no knowledge of programming can become productive with VisPro/REXX in no time. Quickly prototype and develop OS/2 applications. Generate small, single .EXE files for royalty free distribution. Build client server programs. Migrate existing REXX procedures to the OS/2 GUI environment. Includes business graphics, APPC, HLLAPI and OS/2 Database Manager support. The VisPro/REXX Data Entry Object Pack adds these commonly used business objects to your VisPro applications: Formatted Entry Field Spreadsheet, Split Bar and Clock.



VisPro/REXX Gold and VisPro/REXX Bronze has features:

  • Workplace-Shell enabled drag and drop programming that automatically generates the code for you. It also allows you to drag items to the printer, shredder and Workplace Shell Folders.
  • Comprehensive set of CUA '91 objects, including: push button, radio button, check box, list box, combo box, group box, entry field, MLE, text, spin button, value set, bitmap and free-form window.
  • The VisPro/REXX debugger enables you to perform faster debugging with features such as break points, animation, tracing, and the ability to browse events and other modules.
  • Settings, Layout, Event Tree and List views allow you to efficiently create, change or customize your program. The Layout view provides a WYSIWYG design canvas and a floating tool palette.
  • SOM-based interface allows you to create and add custom objects to the VisPro tool bar. It allows you to specify behaviour, styles and methods and generates most of the source code needed to bring the object into all VisPro environments - C, C++ and REXX. (Free to customers upon request.)
  • OS/2-style help allows you provide OS/2-style (IPF) help to your program, which gives users access to your program's help file just like help for other OS/2 applications.
  • Information line tips can be added to your programs, giving users information about each object. This allows users to learn your program quickly.
  • User interface resource compatibility allows you to build an application with VisPro/REXX and import the interface resources to VisPro/C or VisPro/C++ and vice versa. User interface resources include: bitmaps, icons, panel definitions, menus and accelerator key definitions.
  • Hot keys allow you to define keystrokes to launch events rather than using a mouse.
  • Form styles provides full support of all OS/2 frame window styles as well as plain, sizeable, scrollable, and dialog. Frame windows can be modal or system modal.
  • Dynamic Data Exchange

In addition to the previous item VisPro/REXX Gold also has:

  • Additional objects are the slider, notebook, container objects and business graphics tools.
  • VisPro/REXX Gold supports multiple user-defined threads. Full OS/2 multithreaded support and OS/2 semaphore support is build right in.
  • VisPro Database Designer visually develops database applications or reverse-engineers existing databases into entity-relationship diagrams. Supports DB2, SQL Anywhere (formerly Watcom SQL), and all ODBC-enabled databases. Drag and drop tables and relationship links to a Layout view to generate complete applications with embedded SQL. The point-and-click SQL builder allows you to easily build syntax err-free SQL statements. Join and drill-down support offer access to data in other tables.
  • VisPro Team Administrator logs all changes to your VisPro program, including time, programmer's name, and any comment or ID included. Allows graphical compare of two files and ability to rollback changes. Includes lock-out feature, read-only browsing, and form shadowing, providing dynamic update of form changes.

System requirements

  • OS/2 2.x or higher
  • 5Mb memory
  • 3Mb hard disk spack


  • Apr 1993: VisPro/REXX 1.0
  • 1993-08-26: VisPro/REXX 1.1
  • 1995-02-28: VisPro/REXX Gold 2.11, VisPro/REXX Bronze 2.11
  • 1995-09-08: VisPro/REXX Gold 3.0
Version 3.1 Improvements
  • Support for global sub-procedures so code may be shared among projects.
  • Programming flyover help.
  • Many new APIs and improvements.

Version 3.1: VisPro/REXX Gold 3.1 and VisPro/REXX Bronze 3.01 (1996-11-22)

Version 3.1.1 Patches

The patches included on this version are:

  • BLDTEST.EXE patch (1997-02-24)
  • VPRSEDIT.EXE patch (1997-11-13)
  • VPFORM.DLL (1996-11-18)
  • VPDEBUG.EXE (2006-04-21)
  • VPREXX.DLL (2001-04-23)
  • Included VP_BOOK.INF and VP_MAN.PDF

Latest Version: VisPro/REXX 3.1.1 (2012-09-24)


  • It used to be commercial and later discontinued. In 2012 Dave Hock gave authorization to use it as unsupported "AS IS" freeware. Sadly the source code of this program was lost.
  • Serial Number: VisPro/REXX Gold Edition for OS/2: VPR1540827