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By Melissa Woo

Based on Melissa Woo's Stupid OS/2 Tricks release 5, Jan 1995

Types of "tricks" included

This file contains various tips and tricks for OS/2 which have been gathered over time from various sources. Creation of this text was inspired by the "Clever Tricks" section of Tim Sipples' excellent Frequently Asked Questions list, a must read for all OS/2 owners.

The type of tips and tricks included in this text are those which cover features of OS/2 that people often ask about, short REXX scripts which do interesting things, as well as other items which hopefully don't overlap information already contained in Tim Sipples' FAQ (well, not by TOO much, anyway).

The tricks contained in this text do not make references to any specific product names, other than those components included in OS/2 itself. However, it may occasionally have been necessary to mention generic classes of utilities which are not included as part of OS/2.

A Japanese language INF version of Stupid OS/2 Tricks should now be available. Contact A. Kikuchi at for details.

How to submit tips and tricks

If you know of any neat OS/2 tips or tricks that you're dying to share, please send them along. They would be greatly appreciated!

The best way to submit tips and tricks will be to add them to the Wiki page of the EDM2.

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