Porting X Window System programs

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This section will cover the basic steps for porting programs written for X Window System.


  • Xlib - protocol client library
  • Xt (X Toolkit Intrinsics) - support for creating and using graphical control elements
    • Xaw (X Athena Widgets) - widget set
    • Xaw3d - widget set with Motif look and feel
    • Xaw-Xpm
    • Xm Motif
      • CDE
    • OLIT (OPEN LOOK Intrinsics Toolkit)

Using an OS/2-based X Library


  1. Installation of EMX development environment
  2. Installation of XFree86/2
    Instead of XFree86 provided X servers, which will run in full screen mode, it should be possible to use a PM-based X11 server product (Exceed, HOBLink X11 or IBM PMX) or a Java-based X11 server.

Building an Xlib program:


Using the OS/2 Presentation Manager API

Network transparency features of the X11 protocol will be lost.