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The OS/2 API Project - Copyright

OS/2 The name The OS/2 API Project and the name API/2 are copyrighted to The OS/2 API Project, which consists of the total group of all its contributors. All the API text and other information on these pages, including the API/2 logo, remains copyrighted to The OS/2 API Project.

The complete package, either the INF or the HTML package, may be distributed freely, as long as the contents remain intact, and no files are added, modified or removed. The OS/2 API Project must be included as either the unmodified ZIP file, or as the fully installed version. It may not be modified to include links to other parts of the package it is included in, but the package may include links to The OS/2 API Project.

No fee may be charged for including The OS/2 API Project within any other product, but with this proviso, inclusion within another product is allowed. In particular, the inclusion of The OS/2 API Project within free development packages is encouraged.

We believe that all the information contained within these pages is correct, but we still reserve the right to have included unintentional errors, and we cannot be held responsible for any bugs or damage incurred to any product through the use of The OS/2 API Project.

Anything omitted from this page, but within the spirit of what we wrote here is also hereby implicitly the case. There are no exceptions or loopholes in this document's text. :)

On behalf of The OS/2 API Project,

Carsten Whimster, HTML Editor
Stefan Mars, INF Editor

Last modified March 7/1996
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The OS/2 API Project